I Hate Adverbs!

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE adverbs? Yep, hate 'em. And I don't care if I use them in my blogging. WHY? Because I blog as I am - how I really talk - and we all talk with adverbs. I am totally the Queen of Adverbs! Always using them. However... they are a big NO-NO in our writing. Dang it! Did I mention I seriously hate them?
Here is a little chart to get you better aquainted with the horribly dreadful adverbs. Bleh. I did get an awesome tip for identifying them in your writing though.... 
*  Do a word search with "LY_" (yeah that line means space.)
* Lots of adverbs end in LY. This will highlight them. You will probably be amazed at how many you use.
* Don't just change them because other words end in "LY", like family. So check it out to make sure it's an adverb before you make any changes.
* There are OTHER ways to "show-not-tell" - other than adverbs!
* Did I mention we should quit using adverbs?

Want an EXAMPLE?
John slowly walked across the room. *VS* John couldn't help but drag his feet as he walked across the room.

OK.... quick side note. SOMETIMES, and I mean VERY FEW TIMES, which means PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT TIMES, we can use an adverb. This is LESS THAN RARELY! But just be careful. Editors, publishers and agents don't want to see them.

Ugh ~ I hate adverbs!
How do you feel about adverbs? Hopefully, you hate them too. Do you find them hard to steer away from or are you practiced enough that you don't use them?

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