Monster Mania Weekend Part 2: Blairstown, NJ

Jamie, Anna, Jeff, and Nick

Jamie, Me, Nick, Tom

So... after the Monster Mania shenanigans were over we all decided to take a 2 hour detour to Blairstown, NJ, where the original Friday the 13th was filmed.

We got all the way there, and much like Benjamin Button, if we had just stopped for gas, or ate another croissant, we wouldn't have ran into the asshole old man in the yellow pickup truck telling us we couldn't go in to the camp, or even TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SIGN, because if we posted it anywhere the STATE OF NEW JERSEY would surely arrest us. Then he sat there and waited for us to leave.

Uh Oh New Jersey! I'm posting a picture of the sign!
(Welcome my ass.)

Not to be deterred, we went downtown. Those familiar with the movie will remember the scenery seen here:

Then we headed home... and got there at about 11pm, exhausted and happy from a great trip!

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  1. Good sightseeing.
    Happy, peaceful, healthy, beautiful years.
    Merry Christmas
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