They're Squirmy, They're Wormy. They're Purple and Green!

Today was the last day of my Advanced Drawing class, and to celebrate, Jinx bought me some lovely flowers. Then we took Aidan to the toy store because he is slowly mastering the art of using the potty, having jumped from "NO I DON'T WANT TO!" to "DIAPERS ARE FOR BABIES!" and successfully pooping and peeing in the toilet. Hurray for self- directed learning!

Anyway Aidan had his heart set on Moon Sand, this weird sandy shit that is somehow mold- able and also easy-to-get-all-over-the- carpet, so we got that crazy crap for him. I did my usual jaunt around the boy's section of Toys R Us to see if they had Creepy Crawlers, because they had them at Christmas and then I never saw them again-- and LO! they had them in all their squirmy wormy easy bake glory! So Jinx bought them for me as a class- ending gift.

I n ever had Creepy Crawlers as a kid. There's a lot of toys I never had, which I'll explore later on when I'm not freaking excited, but Creepy Crawlers are one of the toys I was denied because it was a "boy" toy and I was-- and still am-- a girl. So I laugh at my parents now, 20 years later. Victory is mine!

Jinx told me that when he was younger his older brother-- we'll call him "Joe", coz thats his name-- has Creepy Crawlers but Jinx wasn't allowed to play with them because they had METAL plates that can burn you when you remove them from the hot hot h eat. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING! METAL PLATES! HOW'S YOUR NINTH DEGREE BURNS!!!!!! I googled this and sure as shit there they were-- a plate from 1965 of creepy crawler metal molds. DUMBASSES.

I'll update later with a picture of my creations. Fpr now enjoy these google searched images.

i can just smell the burnt flesh now!

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