Getting to Know You ~ Awesome Followers!

I have a couple really awesome things to start out with before we jump to today's survey.
1st.... I am on J.A. Bennet's blog today so come and say "hi" and get a good laugh from this interview. And thanks for having me Jennie. I still can't believe I'm letting you post that picture! And - I am over at Cristina's talking about "VOICE!" Hope you will stop by! And this should answer the question... YES - it is possible to be in more than one place at once!
2nd... I have made it to 200 FOLLOWERS and beyond! I am stoked! When I started this blog a little under 3 months ago I never thought I'd get this many followers. You guys are the best and I appreciate you sharing the love and leaving your comments! I hope you will participate in the survey today so I can get to know you even more AND be sure to click on the "What's in a Name?" button on the side or tab at the top so you can enter to WIN a prize. I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS! GROUP HUG!
3rd... I just got awesome news that I won the chocolate contest at Sher A Hart's blog! (get it?) So it pays to love chocolate. She either sends you $10 in chocolate OR a $10 gift card. So cool! I went for the gift card so I can hit the bakery for some double chocolate brownies! Thanks Sher!
4th... I won Not My Type by Melanie Jacobson FROM Melanie Jacobson! How cool is that? I have been dying to read this book so I hope I can get through midterms quickly! So... it pays off to enter the giveaways!

Just to be festive for the month of October and Halloween, lets do today's poll about October! As for me... I truly LOVE October! Love it. In fact, I would have got married in October but my husband didn't want our anniversary to interfere with his hunting season. Yeah - MEN! There isn't much I don't love about this month. I think Halloween is a blast. I love to dress up my kids. I love to carve pumpkins, I love the weather - it is just right for me, and I love the beautiful landscape with the variety of colors. The only bad part would be the candy... my kids really don't need that much sugar! So... now it's your turn. Take the poll and be sure to leave some specifics in the comments too!

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