Holiday Fun!

We are officially out for 2 weeks of winter break!! Friday was our last day and was a nice calm day in my classroom. We took our usual Friday quizzes/tests and I even managed to still pull my small group for remediation during Spanish! We ended the day a little early with snack and watching the movie Cars.

As far as our holiday party went I kept it simple (completely opposite of what we did for our fall party!) and celebrated it on Thursday alllll day long! I found cute crafts to do from Amy Lemons blog stepintosecondgrade. I also found a ton of awesome stuff from Denise's blog sunnydaysinsecondgrade. We started the day with holiday word work, created penguins, reindeer,  gingerbread men, and beaded ornaments, created Christmas tree tessellations with pattern blocks, created ice cream cone Christmas trees, played snowman scoot, a silent snowman math game, ate lots of treats, and passed out their gifts under the Christmas tree. Each of my kiddos got a treat sack which included a Horrible Harry book. Whew! Here are some pics:

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