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Hey everyone!  I know you're all getting ready for the new year and today I did one of my favorite back to school activities.  I printed and sent out to my new incoming Firsties my welcome letter.  Each year I search and search for paper that matches my classroom theme as a little heads up to the kids about what's up ahead!  Here is the Jungle Themed paper I found at United Education. 

I love sending out this letter ahead of the year to introduce myself to the students and help the students feel at ease about their new transition into First Grade.  As part of my letter, I always ask the students to write me a handwritten {I say this so they do it all by themselves and that no one writes the letter for them ;o} letter telling me about themselves, as well as ask them for a photograph too.  Here's a sample of the letter.  Just short and sweet! 
 I then use their letters and photos as part of my hallway display welcoming the students to their new classroom.  Not only is it a great way for me to meet the students and get to know a little bit about them before the year begins, but the letters make a great classroom book to lay out throughout the year so that the students can all read about one another.  Now, how fun is that!?!  This book always ends up being one of the most popular ones on the shelf for the students to grab and read when they are finished with their work!

And, as I was shopping at a local party store today, I came across this sign.  Halloween is one of my ultimate faves- but I'm not quite ready yet. :o)

Alright, I'm off to dinner and a night out with my lovely ladies!

Much love,

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